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family on the beach


This wonderful holiday portrait postcard looks to be from a commercial beach photographer, probably in the Twenties judging from the swimming costumes. The family, having collected the print from a kiosk later in the day, must have liked the result and asked the firm for one or more hand-tinted versions of the postcard. These usually cost a little extra which is why you don’t see so many around. Frustratingly the card gives no clues as to where it was taken (though the background rocky landscape might be familiar to someone!) or who the family are. The two young girls in the centre could be twins, and the family look fairly well to do and enjoying themselves. The tinting is very subtle with muted colours and works well, giving a real lift to the postcard, one of the nicest of this type I’ve seen.

There are more hand tinted cards on the site.


Sunfilms ladies

WP898 sunfilms for blog.jpg

Another nice complete Sunfilms walking picture strip from the late 1920s. Although the firm worked mostly around Clacton, they also had operators elsewhere (including the Isle of Wight). I cannot identify the location here. However that does seem to be a viewing area to the right, probably looking out to sea. If it rings a bell with anyone please get in touch. As with other strips like this I have also had a go at animating the strip, and also added a bit of colour. There is more information about Sunfilms on the site, and more examples in the book Go Home On A Postcard.

Margate promenade


I’m guessing this might be Mum, Dad and Daughter, on holiday in Margate, and set for a visit to the Marine Bathing complex in one, and just out for a stroll in the other (with Box Brownie in tow). These parasols crop up in a few walkies and seem to have been a popular mid-Twenties trend . The portraits were taken with a day or so of each other (the reference numbers are 113 apart) by a photographer working for Fotosnaps, run by Remington, and taken in the Westonville part of the promenade. That looks like their kiosk in the background of the card above. We know this must be pre-1928 as Remington moved to Paignton after that, while both cards have the firm’s older backprint on suggesting it is from the early twenties. The cards are a little over-exposed, but it may be because the darkroom worker has held the process back to retain the details in the face. There is more on the story of Remington’s on the site and in the book Go Home On A Postcard.


Out shopping

WP006-out shopping 1920s.jpg

The Easy On The Eye walking picture archive has approximately a quarter of the images still not located.  A crowded street scene like this, with so many canvas awnings obscuring the shop front, offers very few clues; I had hoped the square white building in the background might appear on other walkies, but so far no luck. But it is a very atmospheric photograph, thanks in part to the soft lens, the bleeding of light onto the edge of the negative and the casual look of the two women, who appear not to be aware of the camera just yet. It was with some other snaps when I found it, so I know one of them is a Miss Salman, but beyond that the history is missing. They have clearly been shopping, that brown paper wrapping seems very shoe box size! I would imagine mid-Twenties from all the fashion clues. The surviving print is about 3″ by 2″ but would seem to have been clipped from a strip of two or three images.

Brigham Portrait

Gill Holtby 1929 Brigham portrait

Gillian Holtby, 1929

Having researched the history of Foster Brigham’s studios in Bridlington (particularly his Snaps walking pictures operation) , it is fascinating to discover photographs taken there of my own relatives.  This remarkable portrait is so well done, and hard to believe it’s a black and white portrait hand coloured by the studio, the work is so good.  It is nicely signed by Brigham in pencil, something most professionals did at the time.

It’s of my Aunt, Gillian Holtby, and was taken in 1929 in Bridlington at Brigham’s studio on The Promenade. As she was born in 1925, it makes her around four years old.  I have also found the original black and white photograph (also signed) from which the hand tinted version was done, so you get an idea of the work involved.

Gillian Holtby pre tinting

Gillian Holtby. Photographic portrait by Foster-Brigham, Bridlington. Gill born 1925, image taken C1928.

Wardoura walkie

I posted these walkies some months ago, which remain a mystery – nobody so far seems to know where Wardoura Motion Pictures operated. Anyhow, I have had a go at animating the two strips to bring them to life a little and give us an idea of the camera operator at work. You can see the original post on the site.

Wardoura Motion pictures

Wardoura Motion pictures

Going places

two girls walking twenties whitley bay

This trio of walkies all turned up recently, and all capture two female friends or relatives out shopping by the looks of it.  None are identified as yet but the first one has a horse drawn laundry van with ‘Provincial Laundry Whitley Bay’ on the side which suggests the town itself or one nearby. The two younger women are just stepping into the camera range, but the rest of the three frames are lost.

two girls walking twenties

Similarly walking as if they mean it, the next two women may be mother and daughter, she seems very amused to be photographed. I like the idler resting against the lamp post in his Oxford Bags, watching what’s going on. It’s possible he sneaked into a whole set of that morning’s walkies!

two women walking down street twenties

Lastly another mother and daughter by the looks of it, both fairly laden from a shopping trip down what looks like a busy street.  The woman on the right has just blinked as the shutter clicked! I always associate those wooden garden fencing panels with the concave centres with the seaside, having often dragged sticks or spades along them to make a racket as a child in Bridlington.
As always if anybody recognises the views do get in touch.