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Waterloo walkie

This walkie [WP868] would be a hard one to locate but for two reasons; first I recognise it as Waterloo Road in Blackpool, having helped identify some walkies taken there in the past. And the lady in the centre has written “Blackpool June 1950” on the back in biro!

Walking picture, Waterloo Road, Blackpool June 1950. Mother, daughter on tricycle
It pre-dates the other Waterloo Road walkies (which you can see on the site here) by only a year or two, but were taken on a different camera.
Which just leaves us with one last puzzle, who is in the family group? I assume the lady on the far left is just caught up in the picture but perhaps the lad on the right (with his beach spade) is related.
They may be locals, it’s hard to imagine they would have travelled far with the tricycle which the little girl is understandably distracted by.


1950 / 1951

Snaps photographers, Bridlington, 1950

Taken by Snaps photographers, Bridlington, 1950, 1951.

You are often given cause to wonder the fate of old snapshots; this small cache of walking pictures is a case in point. Five photographs, all taken on holiday back in 1950 and 1951. Which means that the children at least should still be around, probably in their early sixties today. Yet here they are, up for sale with no way to tell who they are or were.
The young lad is wearing the exact same outfit in all five pictures, what looks to be his school uniform, often a default ‘smart’ outfit for children back then given how much they cost (I know my mother bought my younger brother a school blazer to keep him looking presentable when out and about. It was bright blue with blue and red piping and an intertwined logo on the pocket, and it did the job. Nobody knew he never went near the school, it was a bargain jumble sale buy!).
The obligatory beach spade is also in every one of these shots while  his sister has graduated from a low pram in 1950 to the push-chair a year later (and looks very hyped up to be on the promenade in the middle frame).
These walking pictures, around half postcard size, were all taken by the firm of Snaps in Bridlington, in this case near the Spa and the south bay promenade.  You can see more example from them and a history on the site here.