Blackpool Central Pier / V Weapons

Blackpool Pier walking picture 1946 V2

A trio of Blackpool Central Pier walkies here, which were prompted by a conversation with someone researching V1 and V2 rockets. I mentioned that I’d seen these in the background of a couple of walkies and would get them scanned. As you can see, the pier had a display of both a V1 Flying Bomb which was there at least by July 1945 (and I’ve seen it mentioned in an American trade magazine of the time) and a V2 Rocket. The internet throws up nothing at all about this pier attraction and it doesn’t seem to be there in walkies from a couple of years later.

Blackpool Pier walking picture 1946 V2

The side of the canvas marquee indicates that these were from rockets which had dropped on London (the last V2 landed on the UK in March 1945). The price for taking a look was 6d. As only half a dozen of the V1s survive in the UK (and just one V2) it would be interesting to know whether these display examples ended up in a museum or were in private hands and sold elsewhere later.
The people in the first image are Elizabeth and Raymond Kemp (photo courtesy Michael Richards). The others are unknown, one being found in a Sheffield house due for demolition. I have found some other walkies from the pier on this spot which show the cameraman’s assistant lining people up and showing them when to walk towards the camera. I’ll post these later. None of the walkies here have a company name on the back.
Blackpool Central Pier. V1 and V2 were there in 1945.

On a similar theme, as well as the V bombs, the pier was also home to a replica U-Boat conning tower for a time, which the owners apparently fitted out with telescopes and binoculars salvaged from various German ship-wrecks. It can be seen in the backgroud of this last walkie. The lad in the photo is young Fred Foster and his girlfriend, taking the air on a wet day in 1952 (hence his packamac).
I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has more information on these unusual seaside attractions.

Blackpool Pier walking picture 1946 U BoatThere are some walkies taken on Blackpool’s North Pier on the site.



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  3. Mrs G Wainwright

    I have found 2 photos of my father and his family taken at the same spot approximately in 1938/39 and 1945-47, I think they are taken on Waterloo Road South Shore, Blackpool.They are 8cm by 6.5cm and the older one has Photo by Walkie Snaps printed on the back. I would be interested to know if they are of any use to anyone other than the family.

    March 22, 2017 at 12:34 pm

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