Modern photo souvenirs

Jungle River souvenir photo sign, 2011

Jungle River ride, Bridlington, 2011

Here’s another few examples of souvenir holiday snaps still thriving. The first is at Bridlington in 2011. This was a long flume type of ride, though shut when I was there. The souvenir keyring still seems a good seller, although the price has increased somewhat since the 1960s! The ride incidentally was the site of serious accident in 2011 when a woman lost her leg after being thrown from the ride.

photo booth bridlington

Photo Shack, Bridlington, 2012

On the same site in the summer of 2012, in what seems to be a shed newly built for the season, souvenirs of the Mad Mouse ride. One photo, in a colour souvenir wallet, for £4.99 (or two for £7.00 special offer). Or a keyring. I can’t help wondering what walkie firms of years gone by would have made of the dull display of their wares.
photo shack bridlington 2012

The older blue kiosk below I saw on Llandudno pier in 2012. This offers yet another variation on the souvenir holiday photo. ‘The Olde Victorian Picture House’ enables you to dress up in costumes ‘for that instant olde look’, and have your portrait taken. And unlike a real Victorian studio, the costumes slip on over your everyday clothes to speed things up. £12 for a 10×8 print. It’s tempting to think that the long Llandudno pier probably housed proper walkie kiosks before the fifties. Certainly a number of walkies from the town show they were as popular there as other seaside resorts.

Victorian souvenir photo booth, Llandudno 2012

Victorian souvenir photo booth, Llandudno 2012

For more modern days souvenir photo kisok examples on the site see the links below.

Mining museum


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