Mablethorpe Pullover

The Pullover at Mablethorpe a really sought after spot for the seaside walking picture cameramen, as visitors had few other access routes from the High Street in the background over the dunes to the promenade.

Mablethorpe Pullover and High Street 1920s walking picture

Kiosks to buy your walkie prints could be found at both ends of the short walk over the years, run by companies such as Felix Snaps and Wrates.  The examples here are all pre-war, though they continued to be taken into the fifties.  The first two pictures date from the 1920s (though the horse drawn tourist coach and lack of cars makes them look older.)


The walkie image of the two young girls above – Joyce and Madeline – was taken by Wrates, who were (and still are) based at Skegness up the coast, but also operated here for a time with a shop on the High Street. Joyce posted her card on Sept. 21. 1926 to her Uncle Bill (A J W Burton), who lived on 21 Briton Street, a modest Victorian brick terrace in Leicester. The post office managed to deliver it, even though Joyce had spelt the street name slightly wrong!  The third card is from the 1930s judging by the shorts.


The location is seen again in a regular postcard view below taken in the 1970s (check the Ford Capri and the lad in Wigan Casino style baggy trousers) sent (along with the top image) by David Coulam.


An older postcard view of the Pullover below gives a better idea of the spot and just how busy it was; the walkie photographer/s (sometimes there would be two operating side by side here) would have normally been stood on the red square looking down to the left, and the Wrates kiosk can be seen at the top of the incline behind the crowd.


There is more on the history of Wrates on the site here, and another Mablethorpe walkie here.

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