Cleethorpes then and now

Earlier this year we had a couple of nights in Cleethorpes for a friend’s wedding, so naturally (!) took the opportunity to check out a few walkies in the archive. I was quite surprised to find a beach photographer still operating close to the pier.  The business operates slightly differently to those of the pre-1960s, no speculative work but rather posed photos taken in the area and paid for, to be collected later in the day. No walkies either, but static portraits on the beach or by the railings. They also have a couple of the ‘stick your head through a hole’ boards too and as well as prints you can have your photo supplied in a keyring. From what I could see the output is via an inkjet printer, so no darkrooms needed.
cleethorpes seaside beach photographer

The photographer wasn’t there but apparently they’ve been operating for about twenty years and also undertake more regular studio portrait work. As in earlier times, the photographers are licensed by the local council.
You can see the very same railings in this vintage Cleethorpes walkie, taken by Hardy Photographers in the town, a firm I don’t know anything more about, probably just pre-WW2. The pier can be seen in the background.

cleethorpes seaside beach photographer walking picture

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