Fashion portraits (dated) 2

Woman in cloche hat photo, 1925

The cloche hat is such a cliche of the 1920s that this studio portrait, taken by the high street chain of Jerome, seems slightly unreal. It is dated September 9th 1925. The studio have used depth of field to blur the backdrop, and held something close to the camera to give the vignette effect.

Gentleman in heavy overcoat, scarf, plus fours and pringle socks. 1931

Likewise, this is straight out of P G Wodehouse. The heavy overcoat, scarf (which may be for a sports team), plus fours and pringle socks. Dated Feb 23rd 1931, which explains the warm clothing. Taken by the high street studio chain Jerome. The detailed sylvan landscape backdrop painting is typical of studios well into the Thirties.

There is a page with some history on Jerome on the site.

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