Turner & Drinkwater


Thomas Audas

I have recently catalogued Cartes de Visite images of all four of my Great Uncles, which were taken at the upmarket portrait studio of Turner & Drinkwater in Hull, on Anlaby Road.
Turner & Drinkwater were established in Hull in 1878. They photographed the Prince of Wales (later King Edward V11) in Hull in 1883 (which exists in the Royal Collection), and this fact was then emblazoned on the back of Turner & Drinkwater CdeVs for all to see. It must have been a boost for the business and they soon moved in February 1885 to a new “photographic studio” at Elm Tree House, 8 Regent’s Terrace, Anlaby Road (later renumbered 26 Anlaby Road), named The Studio Royal. The building was rebuilt in 1904, and Turner & Drinkwater were in business for some 80 years, only closing in the late 1960s. This later building still survives; you might have thought the city would want to use it as a museum to display photographs.


William Starmer Audas

All my family CdeVs have a mention of HRH on the back, so post-date 1883. Thomas Audas (top of page) was the eldest brother, born 1880. He looks around 4 in the photo. William Audas, above, born in 1882, and he looks about two on the portrait which gives it a date of 1884. Robert (below) was born that year, so his portrait must be around 1886 as he looks very young.


Robert Starmer Audas

Frederick (below) was the last of the brothers, born 1885. This CdeV is a different finish. I assume the first three are albumen prints stuck to pre-printed backing cards. This last one however is an all over glazed photographic print with the company details part of the negative. This has been stuck on plain dark card.  All four brothers of course were of the generation which had the face World War One, and three of them came through it remarkably.  Their army portraits are on the site.


Fred Ernest Audas

Their sister Dorothy was the last of the Audas children, born in 1889. She was also trotted down to Turner & Drinkwater around 1893. This time they delivered a larger print which frustratingly my grandmother in later years cut down.
As only one such portrait of each child remains it seems they took these as a matter of course for one of those big Victorian family albums.
Their mother Emma Alice also had her portrait taken at the same studio (below), and the back of her card is an earlier layout, but still has the mention of the HRH, so this probably dates from around 1884.


Emma Alice Audas