Henry and Mary Jane Jieve

Mr and Mrs Jieve.jpg

This is a nice pair of matching carte de visite portraits, and shows Henry Jieve and Mary Jane Eyre, my Great Aunt Hilda’s parents. The photographs were taken by the Hull photographer Barry’s, who had very grand offices at Park Street (named Helio House on one card, which can be seen in the poor jpeg below), in an area of large Georgian buildings and terraces now sadly almost all gone (partly through war damage but also council ignorance).

Park Street, Hull.jpg
The one of Mary Jane has been dated in pencil 1892 on the back, and as she was born in 1869 would be 23 here. Henry’s photo is maybe a year or two earlier judging from the reference numbers on the back. The two of them got married in 1894 and later lived in Grantham. Henry worked for the important engineering firm of Ruston Hornsby for fifty years.
Although the studio would make the photograph, the backing cards were bought in. The grey one here was actually printed in Berlin, and supplied by an intermediary, Appleton and Co. of Bradford. I assume the studio supplied the text, and this was engraved and proofed back to them. They make much of having exhibited in London in 1876, and had a London office. The second back is even more decorative, probably an off the peg design with company details added.

Barry Photo studio backs.jpg