Frederick Strachan Audas

Frederick Audas jnr

Frederick Straughan Audas

This is my Uncle Derrick Audas (as he was usually known in the family). Derrick was only two when his father died at the Somme in 1918, but later joined the army himself and fought in WW2. He was in the Gordon Highlanders. He was made a Knight of Malta for his services to the island during the war. I think he remained in the army after the war, but details are not known. He died in 1952 before I was born. If anyone knows what the military patches and bars are, do let me know!

The portrait is great quality but gives no clue as to when and where it was taken. It’s less formal than those of his father’s generation of military photos; the shirt is undone, etc. Once again his sister has cut it out with kitchen scissors.

Derrick’s father Frederick was killed in 1918 after the Battle of The Somme.