Sydney Street Photography


Sadly UK museums are not very adventurous and requests to put something together here on street photography have been met with a real lack on enthusiasm. Not so Australia, where the Museum of Sydney is staging what looks to be an amazing exhibition of material. To quote from their website:

During the mid-20th century, commercial street photographers were a familiar sight on Sydney’s streets, capturing everyday people as they strode by or stopped to pose.

Taken against the vibrant background of the city streets, these photographs captured candid moments in the lives of millions of people, from uniformed servicemen and women to postwar migrants exploring their new city and young couples out for a day in town. Following a hugely successful public call-out, the exhibition draws together photos from hundreds of private family albums.

It runs from Dec 8th through into July 2019.  If I weren’t such a wimpy flyer I’d be tempted!  Hit the linked image below to go to their site.

Thanks to Marcel Safier for passing on the details.  Marcel is interested in the history of street photography, put together a similar exhibition in Brisbane in 2017 and is researching the names of the various firms as we are in the UK.

sydney museum screenshot