Ron Doyle, Newquay

Ron Doyle, Listry Road, Newquay

New walking picture firms are still coming to light and this colour print I found recently gives us another name, Mr. Ron Doyle. Colour walkies are not very common and came right at the end of the walking picture trade. Ron seems to have worked as a photographer for many years from his home at 7 Listry Road in Newquay, indeed he was applying to extended a license to use the annex at the back of his house as a darkroom as recently as the 1980s.

Ron Doyle, Listry Road, Newquay
This example probably dates from the 1970s going by the casual clothing, and seems to have been taken in a public park. The most likely place is the boating lake on the River Gannel, a local tourist attraction and only only a five minute walk from Ron’s house. So perhaps this was his regular beat and he had an outlet at one of the shops on the lake edge.
Quite who the two couples are I’m not sure. Cynthia from Leeds, Doreen Cooke from Doncaster and Joyce Shaw have all written their names on the back, but clearly aren’t all on the photograph!
Ron the cameraman seems only to have moved in the last few years, so if he is still in Newquay and anyone can trace him do let me know.