Mr. Snaps, Felixstowe

WP824 Felixstowe 1923

Mr. Snaps took walkies on Felixstowe promenade during the 1920s and into the Thirties. They appear to be the pre-eminent walking picture company in the town, but are poorly documented.  Their walking pictures are postcard size, and of good quality, as shown by the example above which is dated 1923.  The cards are usually identified on the back, with two different addresses, either Opposite Pier Pavilion (Next Cordy Chemist), or South Hill.  South Hill runs down to meet Undercliffe Road, where the Pier Pavilion used to stand (it has been replaced by a leisure centre), so the two addresses may be the same building.  The pier itself was demolished in the 1950s but a new one has been built in recent years.

A long promenade runs round much of the seafront, built of concrete, and this can be seen in many of the Mr. Snaps walkies, most of which were taken in the pier / Undercliffe area, but some elsewhere, such as the example below. At one time Mr. Snaps also took movie camera walkie strips, some of which have the town name printed on the front alongside the image.  After WW2 Mr. Snaps moved over to selling smaller half postcard sized walkie prints, with the company details rubber stamped on the back.  If you have any further examples or information on the firm do get in touch.

Mr Snaps, Felixstowe.jpg