Lumenart, Weymouth

Lumenart walkie strip.jpg

Lumenart Films is another firm about which next to nothing is known. They took strips of three walking picture frames via a movie camera. Most strips would have been cut up later, but I do have two which remain complete. They date from the late 1920s, but beyond the name Lumenart Films printed on the back give no more details. However a single Lumenart Films frame has now surfaced on the web which clearly shows (top right) Weymouth’s Jubilee Clock, so this tells us where Lumenart operated.

Lumenart Weymouth.jpg

Being a movie camera, the image quality is a little soft but the strips look great as a sequence. As so few have turned up, the firm may not have lasted very long. The example shown above is printed at a very jaunty angle so the paper holder must have moved in the darkroom… I cannot work out where in Weymouth it was taken.

If you have any Lumenart Films frames do please get in touch. Empire films also operated in Weymouth in the 1930s and are covered on this site.