Jersey, Channel Isles

Kosy Korner pub, Jersey

We’ve looked at Guernsey on the Channel Islands but these walkies were taken on Jersey. I’ve seen quite a few walking picture prints from Jersey, but sorting out the firms who took them is a bit tricky. The only pre-War example I have is by a firm called “Walkies” at 39 Broad Street, St. Helier. This is a small print (90 X 70mm), and looks to be from the Thirties. A list of pre-War photographers on the island lists Happy Snaps at this address.

Jersey Sunshine Pictures, The Parade, walking picture

After the War more photographers seem to have been operating in the walking picture trade. “Jersey Sunshine Pictures” were there in the Fifties, at 5, The Parade. But at the same time “Happy Snaps” (probably the same firm listed above) were also taking walkies, based at 35 Broad Street (just two numbers down from “Walkies”.) The prints by both are identical, 65 X 85mm with gimpy cut edges, so maybe there was some relationship between them. Both addresses were in St. Helier. Also selling decorated cut edged prints of a very similar size were “Movie – The Better – Snaps“. Perhaps all three used the same processing facilities.

Jersey Sunshine Pictures, The Parade

Jersey Sunny Pictures” (note the tiny name change) were based in Colomberie, at 52 the Pagoda, in St Helier, and also sold small walkie prints in the late Fifties.
A firm by the name of “Pix” was later based at 5 The Parade, and selling postcard walkies in the Sixties. Whether they were the same people who ran “Jersey Sunshine Pictures” or not I don’t know.

Jersey Sunshine Pictures, The Parade, Movie Snaps

The two examples above are from “Movie – The Better – Snaps” and “Jersey Sunshine Pictures”. Both show the same couple, and were taken on the same spot, outside a public house called Kosy Korner. I cannot find any reference to this on the internet, but hopefully someone may remember where it was, the church I imagine is still there.

Guernsey Walkies