Jackson’s Faces, Weston Super Mare


Although mostly known for their walking pictures in Great Yarmouth, Jackson’s Faces also had an operation in Weston-Super-Mare, a resort on the Bristol estuary. I do not know how the firm’s separate businesses (Porthcawl, Felixstowe and Gorleston – covered on the site – are others known) were linked or run, but all the walkies I have found from Weston were taken by Jackson’s. They are postcard prints, and those which are dated were taken between 1933 and 1938. I think they may have begun before this, but whether they restarted after WW2 I don’t know, I have not seen any post-War cards.  Jackson’s photographers operated along the main sea front and around the Marine Lake Gardens. What is now The Ocean Hotel is visible in the background of many.  The old view shows this (the two seven bay blocks on the centre right) and the likely location of many of the walkies.

The walkie above is typical of their output, well photographed and printed. The two smartly dressed women were actually photographed twice on the same holiday around 1935. One has the inevitable Box Brownie while her friend has a crocodile skin handbag typical of the period. I was curious about the brooch on her lapel which turns out to be of a Scottie dog.