Guernsey, Channel Isles


I’ve never been to the Channel Islands, but they were no more immune to the walking picture craze than anywhere else. Some from Guernsey just turned up and shows they had independent walkie photographers working there after the War, including this one which is just marked Studio Story, photographer, photographic dealer” on the back.  I can’t tell if that’s the owners surname (“Mr. Story”) or just a catchy name for the studio and shop where they operated from, and the address is not given. The two ladies appear to have treated themselves to ice cream wafers, perhaps at some event or other. It looks to be late 1950s and the gimpy edge to the print is one of those little extras sometimes found on commercially produced prints (and wallets.)

A. J. Waller took walkies from an address at 3 Albany Esplanade, Guernsey (“Extra copies always obtainable” apparently, I’ll give them a call in case!). Both appear to be regular photography businesses which just branched out during the season, but the opportunities for bigger walking picture operations seen in the U.K. weren’t really there.

Lastly is Eric Sirett, who had premises at The Old Gate House, 2 High Street, Guernsey, again it looks like he was taking walkies in the Fifties.

Do let me know if you have any more from the island.  There is a full list of walking picture firms being developed on this site and more in the Go Home On A Postcard book.

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