Folkestone Holiday Snaps



This walkie from Folkestone Holiday Snaps is a postcard size print dating from the Thirties, and is mechanically numbered on the back. It was taken down on The Stade, on the edge of the harbour, looking West. The view today can be seen below. It’s not a brilliant quality walkie, but it is the only one I’ve ever seen from the firm.  Their head office was up in town at 9 Church Street just above the Priory. The shop building itself seems to be still there, having just escaped the usual overlarge retail development dropped on the town.

The Stade Folkestone.jpg

This means there were at least four firms operating in Folkestone. Ideal Photos took walkies on the other side of the harbour after the war while Holiday Snaps and Sunbeam, both firms based in Margate, took walkies in the town during the Thirties (Sunbeam is detailed on the site).