El-Te Photos, Prestwick

Prestwick walkie.jpg

This may just be an everday walkie photo of a cheery looking quartet, but gives us yet another company name, that of El-Te Photos, who were based at 26 Boyd Street in the Scottish coastal town of Prestwick, just above Ayr, a coastal destination for Glasgow trippers.  The firm’s details are handily rubber stamped on the back of the postcard size sheet, along with prices of 1/6d per print. Or you could order a dozen for 15/- to use as Christmas cards.  The paper is war surplus air ministry stock, suggesting a date of the late 1940s.  It was taken on the somewhat wind-swept seafront south promenade at the end of Grangemuir Street and the scene has hardly changed at all.

26 Boyd Street has been demolished and is now a small park.

Walkies from Scotland are coming to light slowly, and many were taken in Rothesay, another more popular Glasgow holiday destination in the Isle of Bute.