Bluebird, Minehead


The Somerset coastal town of Minehead is another new walking picture location, confirmed via this example found by Paul Godfrey. Blue Bird is not a company we had heard of before, and this card is interesting as it has a comprehensive price list on the back.

The people are ‘Hilda, Tommy and Joy’, on holiday in the area circa “August 1951 (?)” according to a hand-written date on the back. It looks like Mum, Dad and daughter. Dad looks like Sid James!

The postcard contains two identical frames, a common post-War alternative to earlier multi sequence walkies to save money on film. This would have cost the family 2/6d at the time, so not particularly cheap. Definition is a bit soft as well, suggesting half frame negatives.

Blue Bird Photos were based at 44 The Avenue in Minehead (the building is still there, selling leather goods today) and this walkie was probably taken down by The Quay looking back at the town.  The town is perhaps best known today for the big Butlins camp nearby.

A full list of known walking picture firms is included in the Go Home On A Postcard book published by Easy On The Eye books