As U R Snaps, Cromer

Cromer 1920s WP108.jpg

I have to say Ye Old Rocket House Tea Gardens is one of the best names for a walking picture collection point I have come across so far.  It was operated on behalf of As-U-R Snaps, a company whose name predated text speak by some nine decades.  They took walking pictures on the sea front at Cromer some time in the mid-1920s but examples are very scarce.  This postcard shot is the only one I have seen, courtesy Colin Harding, and is really spontaneous, capturing the four holiday-makers as they reach the beach from the steps (a fifth lady is hidden from view).  Cromer pier is in the background, and because the lifeboat house can be seen at the end we know it must be post-1923 when this was built. The plus-fours suggest a date around 1926. The Francis Frith image below is dated 1933 and shows where the walkie was taken.

Sadly the web can add nothing to the story of Ye Old Rocket House Tea Gardens, or the company (which also operated in Sheringham). If you have any other examples please get in touch.