“Snaps” 1950


If only more firms had thought to add the town and date on their walkies…  Snaps were Bridlington’s longest operating walking picture firm, and moved to smaller half size prints in the 1940s when supplies were still short and the cameramen had moved on to 35mm cameras. I have seen prints like this from 1950 to 1952, probably machine printed, and this is a very typical example.  It is possible Snaps photographers were numbering the prints consecutively through the year. This one is 93,602 but others from 1950 go back to 6,234. If so, this suggests they took nearly 100,000 prints in 1950.  It is an enormous figure but roughly equals about 2,000 rolls of self loaded 35mm film, or 40 rolls a week. Some cameramen shot 10 rolls in a morning on a good day, so this could easily be done during the holiday season.  The photograph was taken at the corner of Regent Terrace which is where the amusements now dominate, a favourite spot for Snaps to operate (see today’s view below). The woman, who is certainly giving the camera a look, would have paid 2/6d for the print. Snaps sold them in sets of three by this time, and this one has survived almost 70 years until ending up in a house clearance.

There is more on the history of Snaps on the site, and further examples in the Go Home On A Postcard book.

Bridlington sea front shops.jpg

This shows the same spot today, many of those older buildings survive but are clad in nasty boxy facades.  How nice would it be for the council to encourage a rethink here?


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