Hornsea Station

Hornsea Railway Station

Brian Partridge kindly scanned me a couple of dozen walking pictures a while back and I have finally got round to properly adding these to the archive (a couple will be in the book as well).  Many are very typical of the genre but some new information can be gleaned from a few.  One in particular nagged at me.  My Great Uncle lived in Hornsea for many years – his old house is now the town museum* – and I have visited there a lot.  The buildings in this walkie reminded me very much of the old Hornsea Station.  A quick web search confirmed this, and so it is the first walkie I have seen from the town.

As Hornsea was at the end of a line from the city of Hull, I suspect this might have been a reason he moved there, as a lot of his relatives were born or worked in Hull, so it was easy to get there by train.  His brother lived in Bridlington, so that too was in reach by rail.

Until 1964 of course when BR closed the station. It was empty and derelict for over twenty years but has since been repaired and converted into housing. The photo below is from the disused-stations.org website and was taken in 1985 by Mark Dyson.

So these four young blokes were either from Hull or one of the small towns in-between, arriving for a day out (they have no luggage) at the coast. It is not dated but I would imagine mid to late 1950s from the small details in the image, you can just about make out a steam engine, but there is nothing on the back to tell us who took it.

* Apparently he very much wanted me to have it when he died, but his wife outlived him and decided otherwise!

hornsea station


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