Out shopping

WP006-out shopping 1920s.jpg

The Easy On The Eye walking picture archive has approximately a quarter of the images still not located.  A crowded street scene like this, with so many canvas awnings obscuring the shop front, offers very few clues; I had hoped the square white building in the background might appear on other walkies, but so far no luck. But it is a very atmospheric photograph, thanks in part to the soft lens, the bleeding of light onto the edge of the negative and the casual look of the two women, who appear not to be aware of the camera just yet. It was with some other snaps when I found it, so I know one of them is a Miss Salman, but beyond that the history is missing. They have clearly been shopping, that brown paper wrapping seems very shoe box size! I would imagine mid-Twenties from all the fashion clues. The surviving print is about 3″ by 2″ but would seem to have been clipped from a strip of two or three images.


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