tinted by hand 4

My last post on hand tinting showed postcard sized examples, but here are two larger examples, both approx 10″ by 8″.


Weddings photographs were something people would spend a little more on, and this formal image looks to have been done in a proper photo studio as the lighting is very good and there is a backdrop behind the group. Usually you would get a set of photographs in card folders, and then one or two for framing, in this case tinted.

The colouring is quite subtle, much of the original black and white photo is left alone, with just some pink added to the dresses and faces, and red on the bride’s shoes. A little touch of orange has been added to her shoulder decoration. Husband seems to be in a dress uniform jacket with one stripe indicates lance corporal, so it may be a war time wedding. That must be husband’s brother on the left.

There are just little hints of economising on the day itself; while the two ladies left and right seem dressed alike, clearly gloves were expensive and they don’t match – nor do the shoes.

The photographer has signed it in the corner (and missed something in the shoot leading to a white corner triangle, while he might have shoved the stool out of view as well!) but impossible to read and we don’t know who the people are or where it was taken.

Yellow shorts-Tinted-005

The little lad on the foot stool looks like a Jerome studio photo, but there is nothing on the back to confirm. Here the studio have gone for a yellow theme, and just added a little pink to the mouth and face. As before this subtle approach works quite well. Today you can get your digital images printed out on many different surfaces, and the parents here had theirs supplied in a mirror frame to hang on the wall. I would think late 1940s.

Tinted by hand 2

Tinted by hand 1


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