Espana walkie

Walking picture from Spain, 1964, MajorcaMajorca-wallet

While I have tended to concentrate my efforts on researching in the UK, the walking pictures craze was worldwide. This example is typical, taken in the gardens of a monastery at Valldemosa, famous because the composer Chopin stayed there with George Sand in 1838 / 1839. It catches the Godfrey family on holiday in Spain in 1964, with Paul, his Mother Sheila, and his younger brother Mark. The photograph was taken while they were walking in the gardens, and was processed and ready for sale when they returned to their coach later in the day, with a little sketch of the location over printed. It was stuck into a wallet showing a woman in national costume and a little map.
Paul was a keen amateur photographer at the time, and his carrying his MPP Microcord Camera with him.
So very similar in style and format to many walkie prints sold in Britain, some of which also came in decorated paper wallets. My thanks to Paul (as ever) for letting me show this on the site. Do let me know if you have any similar examples from holidays abroad.


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