Let it snow

Thirlwells Photographer, Stockton

Beatrice and Lily, Christmas, 1911

As it is the run-up to Christmas, I thought I would post a few end of year postcards. And if I see a more Christmas-like photograph this year I will be very surprised. It is of Beatrice and Lily, surnames unknown, and the postcard print was sent out by the two woman as a Christmas greetings card back in 1911. They probably had several done.
They posed for it in Thirlwell’s photo studio, probably in Stockton (the firm had several studios in the North-East of England by 1920 and were still going in the 1980s as a camera retailer.)
The ‘snow’ appears on the original print. I am not exactly sure how this was achieved, but it seems likely a sheet of glass was sprayed with black ink to give the snow effect (with the face areas masked off so they were not obscured) then placed on top of the photographic paper before exposing it to the original negative.
I have seen a few postcards along similar lines, so perhaps it was popular in early Edwardian times for a few years.

Beatrice and Lily 1911


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