On Broadway


This small, creased but atmospheric walkie view was collected by  Enfield local studies group after local people were asked if they had any examples.  The small photo is one originally from a strip and the owner had written the details across in red biro (not recommended!), including “1930s N9 Broadway”.  I had expected to find the usual array of seaside towns, not one from the local area.
The photo is by Cine Snaps, Lowestoft, but the location has been confirmed – with difficulty – as looking north along Edmonton Broadway, about seven miles from the centre of London.  So although Cine Snaps were based in Lowestoft for many years, it looks like they had some sort of franchise system, as walkies by them from Sheffield, Colwyn Bay, Bath and Carlisle have now been seen.
It was very hard to pinpoint the walkie both as very few images of the area have made it online, and a massive swathe of the district was ripped down in the Sixties for a grim shopping centre, new transport hubs, raised rail lines and goodness knows what else.  So nothing from this view now remains.


It was only identified thanks to pub historians who tell me the building just to the right of the bus is the Railway Tavern, erected around 1910 (and visible in this pre-War photo, circled in red. Just between the trees on the far right in the walkie is a building which was the Cross Keys public house.
We don’t know anything about the people although we think they were locals; Alfred and Harriet Sheppard, and Edie Alexander who may be their grand-daughter.

My thanks to Joe Robinson for sending me the scan, and Graham Johnson who helped confirm the location.

Cine Snaps history on the site


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