24 frames a second (2)

bournemouth 1933 walking picture

I’ve not been able to resist having a go at animating one of the strip walkies myself.  I decided to use a rare strip of four, as this gives a little more movement, to start with. The occasion was a holiday in Bournemouth in September 1933, and the couple in the walkie strip are Charles Hallam Payne (1870-1960) and his wife Sarah Emma née Parker (1870-1946).  The scans were sent to me by Brett Payne in New Zealand from the collection of Barbara Ellison; Charles was his Great Great Uncle. Charles inherited some property and was able to retire early, and from their Derbyshire home the couple took regular holidays, favouring Bournemouth and Great Yarmouth, and assembled a collection of walkie postcards and some strips.
I made an effort to match the frames by layering them together and adjusting as far as possible, but there is still a little distortion caused I assume by movement of the camera (even though it was on a tripod) while it was being cranked. Nevertheless it does give a real feel for the walkie experience.
Brett is another one fascinated by vintage photographs and writes a regular feature on the at  http://photo-sleuth.blogspot.com

The first walkie animation is below


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