School run

Mother and two school children Thirties

The school run … Thirties style. These days looking at this photograph you would think ‘private education’ right away, but I can still recall the daunting multi-page list of kit my parents were faced with when I got into the local grammar school (though in my case it was a striped cap not a straw bonnet!). It’s a good example of the way walkies captured everyday life; it seems very unlikely Mum and her two smartly attired daughters would have ever been photographed on their way to school otherwise.
This is one of a strip of three walkies taken in the Thirties in another unidentified location. I have a few others taken on the same spot, and everything suggests an urban rather than coastal town. The number of trams is one thing, while the general bustle looks more determined than relaxed. The far side of the busy street is tree lined, so may be the edge of a park. The sturdy stone built and soot darkened edge of an important building is the only likely way to tie this in to the scene today, but I’m not holding my breath!


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