All back to Mablethorpe

Mablethorpe pull over 1930

I have shown some of the walking pictures taken on Mablethorpe’s pull-over before and have been keeping an eye out for more. Here are two more recent finds, both taken by Wrates who had a shop and kiosk in the town but were (and still are) based in nearby Skegness. I was in Mablethorpe a few weeks ago and the location has completely changed although amazingly I chatted with a lady whose parents both worked for Wrates in the thirties before setting up in business as photographers on their own.

Mablethorpe pull over 1930s

The pull-over led people to the sea-front shown in the third image, and you can see one of the walking picture kiosks on the left, although I cannot be sure if this was owned by Wrates or not. They are also offering to have your film developed and printed in two hours.
These elegant wooden kiosks have gone and been replaced with very tatty albeit better protected modern buildings as seen in the colour snap.

Mablethorpe sea front then and now

Mablethorpe sea front then and now

Mablethorpe walkies over the years also feature in a YouTube video I have put together.


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