Pigeons Trafalgar Square, 1950s

While walking picture are by far the most numerous of the informal street souvenir photographs, cameramen were quick to exploit any opportunity and Trafalgar Square has been a tourist destination for many years.  It has also been a destination for many of the local pigeons and they became very used to people, so ‘having your photo taken with the pigeons’ has been going on since Victorian times. While some people took their own shots, street photographers have also been on hand in the square. I’ve no idea how they operated, though would imagine they used one of the ‘develop and print while you wait systems’ such as the Aptus camera, as tourists would be unlikely to want to come back later to buy a print. This is one such postcard of a smart couple from the late Fifties by the look of it, and I’m keeping my eye out for more so do get in touch if you have any.


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