Three ladies, Skegness

Three ladies, walking, Skegness 1930s

I’ve marked this great walkie simply as “Three ladies, Skegness” because try as I might I have not been able to pin down the street. It’s clearly not the front Parade as both sides of the street here are developed. Numerous streets in the town were tree lined too, so that doesn’t help. The only slight clues are the wooden fence panels and the car-park sign on the left. These panels appear in another walkie I have (see below) and I assumed they were the entrance to the Tower Gardens but if so, I can’t spot any old views which confirm this. The second view (which is probably earlier as the reference number is hand-written in the corner) might even be a different street, as the Gardens had several entrances, but for now it will have to remain a small mystery. I did have a walk round the park on a recent visit but couldn’t spot any clues.

Four ladies, walking, Skegness 1930s
Puzzle aside, the walkie is by the local firm of Wrates and looks mid-Thirties to me, though maybe fashion experts could narrow it down. Anyhow, proof that summers years ago were always better if you ask me.

The story of Wrates is covered on the site.


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