With three piers and millions of visitors, Blackpool was a hive of Walking Picture activity for a long time, but fewer turn up compared to places like Cleethorpes or Margate. I suspect this is because many were taken by a company called Walkie Snaps, who sold small half postcard size prints. But the two walkies here are of a higher quality. Neither were identified but the seller thought one was Blackpool, and although the building behind them has some changes in decor, it is clearly the same one in both photographs. The Hotel in the far background is recognisable as the Metropole, and the monument is Blackpool’s Cenotaph, both of which are still standing. Which identifies this as the North Pier, specifically the east end nearest the town.

Blackpool walking picture 1930s North Pier

It looks to me as if the group of five well dressed women is the older of the two, maybe early 1930s against late 30s for the other? It’s a really nice image though, they seem to have just left the restaurant and spotted the photographer just as he takes the shot – with the last of the group making some comment to the couple by the door and the well-dressed woman looking directly at the lens exuding an air of forbearance. Both at the photographer and the weather perhaps.

The two couples in the other image have been caught rounding the end of the building, which is probably why it was a popular lurking spot for the photographer (despite the evidence of a good breeze blowing in both instances). There is a clear reduction in quality between the two photographs as well.

Blackpool walking picture 1930s North Pier

The building itself has very little resemblance to the spot today, but the iron seating and pier remain, now listed. Both photographs are printed on postcard paper, but neither have been posted – although someone has put an address in Doncaster on the second card in pencil, but perhaps changed their mind – and used the rest to tot up a bill of some sort instead.


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