Leicester spotlight

Spotlight photo Leicester

This walking picture image sent to me by Clive Tomlin is proving difficult to pinpoint.  It’s by the short lived walkie firm Spotlight Photos Ltd.  Spotlight operated in several towns and cities but never identified their locations.  They always took three sequential frames on a postcard print, and held back the exposure at the side of the card to show the film sprockets. This one is very typical, although one frame has been clipped off to give to a friend or relative.  Clive knows the woman is his Grandmother and would have been in her late Fifties at the time.  As she lived in Leicester he wonders if this was taken there?
I have had a quick look around Leicester on Street View but coverage is limited due to pedestrianisation while so many buildings have gone what looks like a bank behind her may have been demolished.
If anyone does happen to recognise it do get in touch!  There is more about Spotlight on the site.


One response

  1. Tony

    Interesting, I have two frames of my father and his farther, I also have a single frame of my farther. I dont know were they were taken.

    February 23, 2016 at 11:44 pm

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