The Sixties

Barkers Great Yarmouth sixties son, mother and father Ford Cortina

This is quite a late walking picture, which I was trying to date recently.  The scene (not to mention the single stipe buttoned top) had a very sixties look about it, and the postcard size print was still in the original Barkers of Great Yarmouth wallet. The pre-decimal prices in the back put it at no later than 1969. But it was the cars in the background which narrowed it down even further, as amongst the Ford Zodiacs and Morris Minors there is a Ford Cortina Mk 2 parked up, a model which was first produced in 1966.
So the photo must be from between ’66 and ’69.
In the background is the viewing tower, now known as the Atlantic Tower, which was erected in the Sixties so must have been quite new at the time.  The current owners have “refurbished” the place and rather ruined it’s concrete grandeur.  But then the the town also lost the previous Victorian revolving tower which went after the War for scrap as the council wouldn’t repair it!
It’s a little difficult to work out exactly where the photo was taken as quite a lot has changed on the seafront here, while the lens foreshortens the view, but the circle on the colour view below must be close to the spot.

I don’t know who the people are, this being a flea market find, but you could imagine oldest son on the left driving his parents over for a day-trip.  Mum has a Corgi dog, another pointer to a decade when this breed was very popular.
Barkers have numbered the print in pencil on the back, 15820.  And if this seems a high number, Barkers cameramen could easily take 1000 walkies in a single morning.
The company were one of the last firms to take walkies, well into the early Seventies, although by then they had moved over to smaller colour prints. Examples of the firm’s post-war images are on the site and the long history of the firm is also documented.


4 responses

  1. vincent Charlton

    I have many post war walking photos in my collection. The later 50s and 60s images show mostly older couples, I have yet to find any teenage style or mods who took to the seaside in the 60’s. The 30’s show younger flapper types in their new holiday clothes, the men dressed like the Prince of Wales in Oxford bag trousers and the women in cloche hats. During the post war years teens and younger couples flocked to holiday camps and had their photos taken in camp. Some went to Spain, there are many souvenir photos of very British suited men taken with exotic Spanish dancers or drinking wine, holding monkeys, snakes or lion cubs.

    October 20, 2015 at 8:18 am

    • simon robinson

      Thanks for this Vince. I do have a few examples of the other many types of holiday souvenir photo, including some from abroad. Cameramen often waited beside the steps alongside aircraft to photograph English tourists arriving on holiday. I have never seen a snake picture, but have seen monkeys and Parakeets held by people, often children.

      October 30, 2015 at 6:41 pm

  2. Definitely a Barkers Wellington snap

    November 1, 2015 at 5:47 pm

  3. Try again. A Wellington Snap by Barkers. The tower was completed in the mid 60s. The firm I worked for took a photo of it at night in the summer of 1966.

    November 1, 2015 at 5:50 pm

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