Movie Snaps

Movie Snaps walking picture dunoon 1937There are clearly hundred’s of thousands of walking pictures out there, so what makes any individual photograph worth adding to the archive?  This image is a good example.  While the walkie itself is fairly run of the mill, one of the two ladies has written the location in pen in the corner.  As I previously had not heard of a walkie photographer working in Dunoon, it was another tiny piece of the jigsaw.  On the back the firm was identified by name only, Movie Snaps, so it shows they operated in this coastal town in Scotland. Checking other Scottish walkies, Movie Snaps also worked in Rothesay and Gourock in the Firth of Clyde, all three towns being popular with residents of nearby Glasgow.  They also covered Aberdeen. The chances of there being four different firms of the same name are slim, and the backs are all similar, which means Movie Snaps operated across a number of locations in the same area and as far away as Aberdeen.  Finally, one of the ladies here has also penned the date 1937 on the back of this walkie, which ties in with information on the other examples and shows the firm working during that decade. The back of this walkie advertises “3 extra strips” for 2/-” which tells us that they were selling customers a strip of images, although as yet we do not know if these would be all the same.
Plenty of detail then from a humble snapshot.  Sadly neither of the ladies has added their names to the back, so we will probably never know who they were.


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