coach and pair

Great Yarmouth-horse-and-cart-with child 1932

Paul Godfrey has alerted me to yet another variation on the seaside souvenir photograph; not a “walkie” but the “ridie”!
A small home built child sized open carriage, set on what look like old pram tyres, attached to two skilfully made smaller scale model horses, all laid onto planking covered with sand.  The particular coach was on the front at Great Yarmouth during the late twenties and into the thirties. This postcard was taken in 1932 and on the side the photographer has written a little ditty:  “We are having all the fun and spree, at Great Yarmouth by the silvery sea.”
The carriage reappeared after the war, but a different one decorated with the Coronation Year 1953 motif has been seen. The horses in this case are clearly old rocking horses.   It may be that the idea was confined to Great Yarmouth, but let me know if you have any examples or remember seeing it.


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