Yarmouth then and now

Lilian and Albert Robinson, Great Yarmouth, 1930. Cine Snaps

Although frustratingly the walkie cameramen appear never to have persuaded my parents to buy a print (despite me going to Bridlington on holidays for most of my childhood and beyond!), my paternal grandparents were less tight-fisted and purchased two walking picture ‘strips’ while on holiday in Great Yarmouth in 1930, both taken on the same day if two surviving frames, one from each strip, are anything to go by. My grand-dad Albert has what looks to be a paper bag of sweets, my grand-mother is dressed identically in both shots, with an overcoat slung over her arm, and the same clutch bag. She is walking next to her father, my Great grand-father. Lilian and Albert were still courting at this time, but married soon after.

The strips were taken by Barker’s Cine Snaps, and would originally have had three consecutive frames per sheet.  Perhaps they each took a frame? I wasn’t sure whereabouts these were taken but Paul Godfrey nipped up to Great Yarmouth to confirm one of them.

“It was taken from the forecourt of Pownall’s fishing tackle shop in Regent Road, Great Yarmouth. John Barker used the shop forecourt to take cine camera walkies in the early 1930s. I think that being private property council walking picture permits were not required. Apparently Pownall’s used the empty containers of 35mm film for lug worm bait!”

Using Paul’s present day photo I have been able to overlay the original walkie taken over 80 years ago, and the match is almost perfect. Sadly the present day shop fronts lack the elegance of those pre-war days but perhaps one day Yarmouth will realise what a resource they have and have some of these shops refronted. Pownells is still trading from the same location as well.  You can read more about Barker’s on the site.



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