Britannia Pier

It’s always good when people can help identify some of the mystery locations on this site. Paul Godfrey was looking at the “comic” souvenir photos I put up early in the New Year, and spotted that two of them were taken in Great Yarmouth. “The one with the mock up car has no landmarks but the give away is the registration number of the car. The prefix EX was exclusive to Great Yarmouth County Borough Council’s taxation department (EX10 is still on the road and takes part in the Brighton run each year). Your photo of a mock up car with a registration plate of EX5 just has to be taken on Yarmouth sands.”
Paul also identified the pavilion in the other photograph as being on Great Yarmouth’s Britannia Pier. What’s more the history of this structure was very short lived. It opened in 1902 and was destroyed in a fire in 1909. This dates the photograph to within this seven year period.
And if that wasn’t enough, Paul tells me that the head in a hole seaside attraction is back in place on the current pier as part of the retro trend, and took this picture to prove it!  Today the prop is free and you take your own photographs (and it lacks the humour of the pre-war boards!).
Britannia Pier 2013
Read about Paul’s book on Norfolk seaside photographers on the site.


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