Mystery walkie

mystery walkie

This walkie has really stumped me. It’s from a walkie strip, three consecutive images in sequence on a postcard, but the other frames have been cut off. These type of cards were printed in Britain during the late 1920s but this doesn’t look very British. That it was likely taken abroad comes from some very hard to decipher writing on the back, and the names I assume of the two young girls, J and F Ginjn, a surname which gets hardly any hits on the web. I tried it with a Polish friend but he said it wasn’t from there. He had a thought that it might be Hungary but if anyone can help do please get in touch.  The girls are wearing quite distinctive knitted headwear, matching coats, patterned socks and some sort of decorative tied knot round the top of the coat. It looks like the girls are in a muncipal park and there’s a kiosk in the background. They certainly look very smart and quite pleased to be having their picture taken. I found it at a local fair recently, so perhaps the family came here later in life, maybe to escape the war?


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