in on the act

family on bridge

Although Sunbeam were the premier walkie company in Margate, other firms did take photographs in the town and surrounding area. “Holiday Snaps” were one such business, based in Charlotte Place in Margate before WW2. They were certainly taking walking pictures in the early 1930s but like other firms, they did static portraits in the street as well. I found this example recently, taken on one of the bridges across the beach access routes.
It seems to be Mum and Dad, with their three sons, plus perhaps the children’s Gran and a family friend.  It looks as if the photographer was based on the bridge, that’s probably the Holiday Snaps board just peeping into the left of the shot.  What made the portrait for me though was the mongrel, which has strayed into shot, turned it’s back to the camera and raised it’s tail!


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