Jackson’s Faces

Paul Godfrey, a fellow seaside photography enthusiast, has just published a booklet about some of the photographers operating out of the small town of Gorleston on Sea, just the other side of the river which separates it from Great Yarmouth on the East Coast in Norfolk.  Paul has an extra interest in this part of the world as he has family connections with one of the walkie firms in the area.  “Snapped At Gorleston On Sea” is unashamedly aimed at quite a niche audience but nevertheless is packed with information on the two main firms who worked in the town – Barkers and Jackson’s Faces – as well as the busy holiday camp firm Hastings. The book gives a detailed history of each firm, and also includes details of photographers, equipment and other technical information. Paul has managed to speak to a few people involved in the trade which gives some nice personal details on how busy the staff could be.
The book is self published (A5, b/w, 50 pages) and being sold locally, but you can contact Paul via walkiephotos at yahoo.co.uk (substitute the @ symbol)  for details should you want to purchase by mail-order.
I was able to visit Paul recently for the first time, and spend an entire afternoon chatting about these photographs. I appreciate his help on all sorts of details over the years. He was able to identify a few more walkies from my collection which is always a help.
WP472 Great Yarmouth
I do have a few images from Gorleston awaiting scanning, but in the meantime here is a nice card from Jackson’s Faces (who worked both towns for many years). Undated but probably early 1930s, the two women (mother and daughter by the look of it) are walking along Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth, with the Royal Hotel in the background (still open). The younger woman is carrying her handbag and a box camera of some sort. Cards by Jackson’s are often very good quality and this image is very sharp indeed. Unusually the card does not have any reference number on it.

You can read more about one of the firms, Barkers, on this site.


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