Summer frocks

Bridlington Snaps walking picture

Les Walker has kindly scanned me a number of Bridlington walkies. For many years Les’s family used to own the amusement arcade next door to the Snaps building (as well as similar arcades in neighbouring resorts), where Bridlington’s longest running walking picture firm was based. What is interesting is that Les recalls even though they were residents of the town, they still liked to buy the walkies whenever they could. Money was particularly tight in the years after WW2 but this was one luxury they tried to afford even then.
This is one of Les’s collection, showing his relative Robert Lenthall and daughters.  It was taken on Bridlington’s south side, just below the Monarch hotel near the Spa (the view has changed little though the hotel is now apartments). Les thinks it would be around 1960. Robert looks very smartly dressed – you wouldn’t see many gents walking there now looking like this, and the two girls have nice patterned summer frocks with jackets. Both have managed to get an ice-cream too by the looks of it which probably accounts for their cheery smiles!

There is more about the walking picture firm of Snaps in Bridlington on the site.


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