Summer walkie fashions

Given the current heatwave, I thought it would be appropriate to post these two walkies from the thirties which show us what every well dressed man and woman was wearing in the high summer back then.

Two women walking in summer outfits 1930s Margate Jetty

Our two women, Doris and Betty Petch, looked like sisters at first glance but I suspect they’re actually a hip mother and her daughter, both in halter-neck outfits of the thirties. Mum has what looks like a hand-knitted cardigan over her arm and the more sensible shoes. Both seem to have some sort of clutch bag.
The photograph (ref: WP200) was taken in 1937 “on holiday” in Margate. It looks like they were on some sort of bridge but searching around old photos of the area this turns out to be Margate Jetty which ran out at the side of the harbour wall. You can also see a steam ship chimney on the right and pleasure boats left from the pier head.
I’m not sure if it’s a Sunbeam photograph, as the reference number is done by hand. My thanks to Valerie Gibson for the loan.
Two young men walking, Margate sea front, 1930s, with beach ball. Sunbeam photo
The two unknown gentleman, photographed strolling along Margate seafront (WP141), look like they’re off for a game of beach ball. Loose belted trousers with turn-ups and open necked shirts are the order of the day, along with white sports shoes. This one is a Sunbeam card, taken in Margate, and has the automatic numbering common to many of their negatives. It’s a really good example of how shallow the depth of field was which suggests a wide aperture. The cameraman has got the focus pin-sharp.
Note too the very lopsided way the print has been cut out, not a 90degree angle anywhere!
You can read more about Sunbeam on the site.



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