walkie español!

david browne walking picture spain caravelle

David Browne has kindly sent me two shots of himself taken on holiday in Majorca around 1975-77, variations on the walking pictures theme. The first is of David stepping off a plane. I have seen other shots like this and they seem to have been popular during the sixties and seventies as holidays abroad by plane were still a novelty for many. It seems unlikely cameramen would be allowed such air-side access today. David says he was shattered after the two hour flight from Belfast to Palma airport (in a Caravelle jet) and this was the last thing he expected as he stumbled off the plane. In a touch recalling the old tintype street images, the photo is slipped into a standard card mount. I’m not sure where you went to collect your print.
david browne walking picture spain boat

The other souvenir photograph was taken as they embarked on a trip round the bay in a glass bottomed boat (the Moby Dick!). David admits he was hyped up to watch all sorts of amazing aquatic life (as the aquatic life were to see your sock and sandals combo David?) but was disappointed. “You could actually see very little through the glass bottom except churned up sand!” His mother and step-father are following him up the gangplank, the latter looking a bit green as he didn’t enjoy boat trips.
The print was done on that awful textured lustre photo paper, which accounts for the mottled surface.


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