Margate walkie

walking picture margate cliftonville box brownie

This is a fascinating walking picture image for a number of reasons. It has been sent to me by Brian Partridge who was quite right when he said it might be of interest.
The interaction of the people is unusual; the two people on the left are smiling right at the camera, but something has totally distracted the others, with the woman on the far right busy adjusting her camera.
Behind her is a walking picture display board, with the postcard sized prints on display for people to check out and buy. The building behind them seems to be connected to the business too.
I don’t know the company who took the photograph. The card back simply says Head Offices. 45 Dane Hill. Margate. but none of the walkie firms I know of used that address. The image I’d guess is around 1925.
The card looks to be taken on a raised walkway, the Cliftonville Bathing Platform, built below the cliff and raised up above the beach so it could be used when the tide was in.
I’ve yet to visit to Margate but as it was a very popular destination during the inter-war years there do seem to have been a lot of walkie firms there, with Sunbeam to biggest of them all.


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