Home town images

Sheffield-lady FargateI’m starting the New Year with a look at some walking picture images from my home town, Sheffield. Updates have been a bit thin on the ground lately due to pressure of work elsewhere but the local evening paper suddenly showed interest in doing a feature on walking pictures recently, which sent me off scanning what few I had. It proved interesting as I discovered I’d got the location totally wrong when I first looked at the images. So much has changed in our cities since these walkies were at the height before the war and Sheffield is no exception (the residents often say that what Hitler started the local council has managed to complete, and they’re still at it – preparing to let a developer raise to the ground an entire conservation area as I type). I’ll follow up on the feature as and when it appears.

I’d also like to thank people who have continued to supply new material, and plan to feature some of this over the coming weeks.


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