Found photographs (in every sense)

While this site is evoted to the genre of Walking Pictures, my own interest also covers found photographs of all types, from discarded family albums through to torn up snaps picked up off the street. So I was drawn to a link on The Guardian this week with a short film showing an amazing project in Japan. A team of 60 volunteers are collecting up photo albums and snaps from the debris left by the earthquake and tsunami, cleaning, drying and saving what they can. These are then being taken to a central room where families can search to try and find their lost images.

It’s a moving film – directed by Hikaru Toda – and well worth a look, and helps bring over what images – which to the rest of us might just be (in some cases literally) fragments of a photograph – can mean to people. Rather than go the  Guardian site, I’d recommend seeing the short film (which plays OK even on our iffy broadband!) on the director’s own Vimeo page, where the quality is much better. It is very naughty of the Guardian not to provide a direct link, or any context, and it took me ages to find it.

snapshots rescued after japanese tsunami and earthquake 2011



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