Winter’s day walkie

Cine snap lowestoft two ladies in fur coats 1930s walking picture

There is something very transient and ephemeral about walkies in general, but in particular of this image showing two smartly dressed ladies walking arm in arm, one wearing a big fur coat, the other a fur trimmed coat, on a bright winter’s morning (judging by the long shadows cast on the pavement) in the early 1930s.
It is not known where the photograph was taken. It is back-stamped Cine Snaps of Lowestoft but we know they also operated in other towns. Originally it would have been one of three sequential images on a sheet; the others have been snipped off and dispersed.
The sign in the background says Carwardines which may be a cafe or restaurant (without X-Files quality image enhancement tools it’s hard to be certain, but the word underneath seems to be advertising a price for Coffee), while the heavy duty railing they’re passing suggests an important public building. That looks like a postman passing on the left edge of the frame, maybe it’s a main post-office. It all looks a bit too grand for Lowestoft maybe.
The quality of the image, taken and printed in the early 1930s, is very evocative, though considering they were selling these, quite primitive – slightly out of focus and scratched. Lots of grain too, the effect probably of enlarging a half frame image. The sepia tint may just be the result of poor fixing while the way the image fades off to one side could be light getting in during processing, or it may just have faded in the light over the years. As indeed now have the two women, whoever they were.
If anyone does recognise the location do email. Thanks to Paul Godfrey for the scan. There is a History of Barkers (who operated Cine Snaps) on the site written by Paul.


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